Stiebel Eltron DBH-E -3 Phase Electric Instantaneous Water Heater

Stiebel Eltron DBH-E LCD – 3 Phase Model Number: DHB-E 13 LCD

$1,490 Supplied & Installed in Perth

With the DHB-E LCD instantaneous water heater, accurate temperature settings are no longer a problem, thanks to the LCD controller. This allows direct accurate continuous flow temperature delivery selection between 20 and 60 °C. With 3i technology for high efficiency and output, the DHB-E LCD provides a reliable and constant supply of hot water.

Product Details

High quality engineering

  • Made in Germany
  • LCD Controller
  • Bare wire element is suitable for hard and soft water areas
  • WaterMark Lic No. WMKA00301, AS3498
  • Electronically controlled

Flexible installation

  • Space saving design
  • No safe tray or ventilation required

DHB-E 13 LCD – 14.5kW, 20.2 Amps per phase, three phase 415V