Prodigy 4 Star Gas Storage 170L Model Number: 170ZB4N/170ZB4P

$1,495 Supplied & Installed in Perth

The Dux Prodigy® range have been improved with larger, more efficient burner technology. In fact the Prodigy 4 range is now leading the way in recovery rates and first hour capacity of any 4 star gas storage water heater.

  • Market leader when it comes to hot water recovery†
  • Now matches the first hour capacity of the old 3 star models
  • New burner technology means faster recovery rates and more hot water when you need it
  • Dual anodes to further increase tank life
  • Identical footprint with existing 3 star gas storage unit, ensuring easy replacement
  • Mains pressure hot water
  • Inline foam filled provides better insulation and a more robust design
  • No power point required so hot water continues, even with no power
  • Operates on a standard size gas line
  • Suitable for 4 to 7 people
  • Also available in 135L model
  • Available in both natural gas and propane

Model Number:170ZB4N/170ZB4P

Tank Size:170L

Energy Supply:NG or LPG